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January 2020
Chinese Version
Wingtat Game Bird Packers
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Wingtat Lunar New Year Shopping Party Wingtat Kitchen's Lunar New Year Recipes
Wingtat Christmas「HO·HO·HO」 Lucky Draw Winners Wingtat Members’ Online Store: Last Month’s Favourite Products
Wingtat is now on Instagram! Wingtat Sponsors AM1320 Radio Program 「Kitchen Talk」 Sessions
Wingtat Presents「Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen」Program Wingtat Sponsors Mingpao「The Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Rat」
Wingtat Sponsors「Charity Gold Mouse」Campaign New Membership Merchant: 「Ready Learning Montessori Centre. 」
Welcome to Wingtat’s 104th eNews Issue!

With the Lunar New Year coming, Wingtat wishes all our Members a prosperous and healthy New Year! Our first shopping party of 2020 is Wingtat Lunar New Year Shopping Party. Don't miss out on the Charity Gold Mouse Lucky Draw & Members' New Year Gift. This month, Wingtat Kitchen shares Lunar New Year recipes that complement the festive celebrations! Congratulation to the 5 lucky Wingtat Members who won the Christmas Gift Bundle (around $100 value) in the Wingtat Christmas 「HO·HO·HO」 Lucky Draw. Remember to stay tuned to AM1320’s Radio Program「Kitchen Talk」on weekdays at 10:30am for Mrs. Chiu’s recommendations of Wingtat’s quality products and delicious recipes. Wingtat Instagram account has launched this month! Wingtat’s「Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen」will be broadcasted in January on Fairchild TV 2 HD. If you prefer to watch the program on your mobile phone or desktop, you can now view the episodes online shared below. Wingtat is sponsoring Mingpao「The Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Rat」, as well as「Charity Gold Mouse」Campaign in support of Canadian Cancer Society. Lastly. Wingtat welcomes our New Membership Merchant for this month,「Ready Learning Montessori Centre」.

Wingtat Members Online Shopping party
  1. Order Start Date: Friday, January 10th
  1. Order Deadline: Sunday, January 19th
    (Sunday before the pick-up date)
  1. Payment & Order Pick-up Date:
    Thursday, January 23rd
    (Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm)
Wingtat Members Online Shopping Party September Calendar
Please Note: As Lunar New Year is fast approaching, in order for our Members to receive Wingtat Products before Lunar New Year's Day (Jan. 25th), the order pick-up date for this month's Shopping Party is Jan. 23rd, not the regularly scheduled last Thursday of the month.

With every $50 of products ordered from Wingtat Members’ Lunar New Year Shopping Party, Members will receive one automatic entry into the lucky draw. The more you buy, the higher chances of winning! 2 Lucky Members will each receive one Charity Gold Mouse and a $10 Wingtat Bonus Cash .

With a minimum order of $128, Members will receive one Wingtat Red Pocket. One gift per Member.

Enter Gift Code:WT20CNY

In celebration of the Year of the Rat, Members will receive Wingtat's New Year Poster as a BONUS gift on the day of Shopping Party (Jan.23rd). Note: This poster will also be included as an insert in MingPao Newspapers on Friday January 17th.
  1. Wingtat Small Silkie Chicken Twin Pack
    1 Set = 2 small Silkie Chicken (under 1 pound each)
    With minimum order of $100 or more on Wingtat Online Store, Members can purchase this new product !
  1. Silkie Parts Combo
    1 Set = Silkie Legs (1 pack) + Silkie Breasts (1 pack)
    Save $5 when you purchase the combo.
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Thighs
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    6 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Thighs
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    (Boneless, Skinless)

    9 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Drumsticks
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    6 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 3 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Breasts
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)

    4 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Breasts
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    (Boneless, Skinless)

    4 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Sliced Beef Rib Eye
    1 Set = 4 Boxes Sliced Beef Rib Eye
    Buy More, Save More!

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Wingtats Kitchen

Mrs. Chiu shares these delicious and meaningful recipes for you and your family to enjoy during the Lunar New Year celebration meals. Please click on recipe photo of interest to view the recipe.



Wingtat Members online Store Lucky Draw Banner

Wingtat Members’ Christmas「HO·HO·HO」 Shopping Party & Lucky Draw has successfully come to an end; all orders, gifts and prizes have been handed out to our Members! Thanks to all our Members for your wonderful support!

Congratulations to the winning Members:

R. Mak- #106416 V. Wong- #108165
A. Mak- #108227 P. Tan- #108280
C. Luk- #107201

Lucky draw winners each received Wingtat Christmas Gift Bundle
(around $100 value):

Small Wingtat Silkie Twin Pack x 1 set Wingtat Silkie Leg
x 1 pack
Wingtat Silkie Breast
x 1 pack
Wingtat Silkie Wings
x 1 pack
Wingtat Canada Chicken x 1 Wingtat Duck x 1
Wingtat Duck Bones
x 1 pack
MRSF Boneless Breasts x 2 packs
MRSF Boneless, Skinless Breasts
x 2 packs
 Total Gift Value: $100

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Wingtat Members online Store Last Months Favorite Products
Wingtat Last Months Top Favorites

For more information about our online store, click here.

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The much-anticipated Wingtat Instagram has lauched this month! Wingtat Members can search for “wingtatcanada” on Instagram and follow us to get the latest information!

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Kitchen Talk

AM1320From Monday to Friday at 10:30 am, stay tuned for Wingtat’s sponsored AM1320 Radio Program "Kitchen Talk", Mrs. Chiu will recommend numerous delicious recipes for you!

Click on the dates to listen to previous month's broadcast sessions. This radio program is broadcasted in Cantonese.

Dec 25th Braised Chicken with Apricot and Peach Angus Chiu
Dec 17th Hoisin Sauce Chicken
Dec 13th Coconut Sauce Quail Egg Salad
Dec 11th Pan-fried Duck Breast with Red Wine Sauce
Dec 6th Apple & Pork Roll with Red Wine Vinegar Sauce
Dec 5th Poach Egg with Wasabi Lime Sauce
Dec 3rd Nice Style Braised Chicken

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At the end of September, in combination with “Alice’s Royal Feast”, Alice Chan also filmed "Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen". Alice searched throughout the city for Canadian ingredients and used them to create simple-to-make and unforgettable delicacies. Alice used Wingtat Products to cook Baked Quail with Honey & Yogurt, Beer Braised Young Duck, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Coconut Silkie Chicken Soup. During the filming of the program, Alice invited her friends, including Anita Lee and Dino Acconci (from the Band Soler), to taste her creations and to catch up. For those who missed December's broadcasts, the program will rebroadcast on Fairchild TV 2 HD on Sunday, January 19th and 26th, 2020 at 3:00 pm and 8:35 pm PST (or 6:00pm and 11:35pm EST)!For those who prefer to watch via your mobile phone or desktop, please click on the video links below.

"Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen" Episode 1入廚色香味

"Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen" Episode 2入廚色香味

"Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen" Recipe Download

Beer Braised Duck

Coconut Silkie Chicken Soup

Baked Honey Yogurt Quail

Hainanese Chicken with Rice

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Wingtat Sponsors Mingpao「The Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Rat」Online program, hosted by the famous metaphysical master Sherman Tai, is available for viewing online! You can watch Master Tai introduce the luck of the zodiac signs of the Year of the Rat.

Watch the video below:

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The Vancouver Cambie Lions Club has launched the 2020 「Charity Gold Mouse」 Campaign. Net proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society for cancer research, prevention and support. Wingtat has started sponsoring and supporting VCLC’s charity campaign back in 2005 as a Title Sponsor. Each and every year after, Wingtat has continued to support and sponsor this event. Please join us in the fight against cancer and make cancer history.

If you want to know more information or you would like to donate to Canadian Cancer Society, please click the link:

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Ready Learning Montessori Center

Ready Learning Montessori offers a variety of interest classes and after-school activity classes for your child's future. We gather the best teachers, the most appropriate courses, the best equipment, and do our best to make the best care and preparation. We focus on children's personality, individual differences, and their spontaneous activities to help children's intelligence, physical strength, and personality develop naturally and form independent personality.



Phone: 778-803-9191

Contact: Rachel Lo

Address:207-11240 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC V6X 1T2, Canada

Hours: 09:00 - 17:00

Benefits for Wingtat Members:
Wingtat Members will receive one free trial class.

view merchant
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